Why hire a French professional genealogist?

Given the availability of French online archives, you ask yourself, “Why should I hire a French professional genealogist? What more can she do for me?

Archives départementales Ille-et-Vilaine ©SophieBoudarel

There are no ready-made answers to these questions, but there are many reasons why people hire a professional genealogist. Here are a few of them:

  1. You’re running out of time: Genealogy can be a time-consuming hobby. You want to know more about your family tree or learn more about an individual, but you’re running out of time. A professional genealogist will know where to look for the most relevant information.
  2. You’re stuck in your research: Although being stuck in your genealogy is not a sign that you need to hire a genealogist, sometimes it takes a trained eye to get your research going again. A professional genealogist has the knowledge and experience to solve puzzling puzzles. And by allowing a fresh eye to methodically examine your blockage, new information can surface.
  3. You require someone with specialized knowledge: in many cases, there is no unique source to answer your questions. The experience of a French professional genealogist in consulting many types of documents can be valuable.

How I can help you

You will not find any packages on this site. Following your detailed request, I propose you personalized projects at adapted prices. This is an efficient and affordable way to help you discover your French roots.

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